Lydia S.
Cambridge, MA

“Love her.  Helped my husband reduce his PSA a lot.  His regular doctors were concerned.  But Denise got his PSA down with acupuncture, moxa, and cupping 2x/week in about 3 – 4 weeks.  Her technique is magic.”



Emily W.
Malta, IL

“Denise spent a great deal of time with me on my first visit. She is a great listener and very eager to help. I have worked with several acupuncturists and she is talented. My body definitely felt the impact of her work and I left very relaxed.”



Diana B.
Cambridge, MA

Denise Patnod’s acupuncture treatments have been key to my recovery from a nerve injury i sustained in a biking accident . I could not have come this far without her and her acupuncture treatments.

She is very knowledgeable and informative about how acupuncture works. I have always had a fear of needles but she has helped me by being so gentle that I barely notice anymore when she inserts the needles.

Most importantly Denise is a very caring and intuitive healer. Her personality is so warm and friendly that I feel completely at ease with her. She listens intently and always addresses what ever health issue arises. She knows and shares so much about the human body and natural healing methods.

Besides the nerve damage, she has treated me for depression, lower back pain, detox points, knee pain and circulation issues.

Every treatment is different. Sometimes she does moxa burning for circulation around my knee. Sometimes she uses these amazing creams for pain and sometimes she ends the treatments with a gentle massage. I always feel so much better after my sessions with Denise.

I had read that acupuncture was one of the treatments for nerve damage. I shopped around and spoke with several acupuncturists and Denise was the most straight forward and experienced person i spoke to. Her prices are also very reasonable. I am so grateful to have found Denise and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing.



Courtney S.
Cambridge, MA

I highly recommend Denise Patnod if you are considering acupuncture. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and proficient at the technical portion of acupuncture, she also has such a warm and caring personality. Denise really takes the time to address individual needs, and I always leave her office with a wonderful feeling of well being. She goes above and beyond, including doing guided meditation after the needles are placed and providing guidance on nutrition and stretching. This has been my first experience with acupuncture, and it has been such a positive one.